Zane Breakiron Obituary, Zane Breakiron Morgantown Police Department Has Died

Zane Breakiron Obituary, Death –  Before his death in a car accident on Friday night, Zane Breakiron participated in a number of terrifying training exercises with the Morgantown Police Department and went to a number of fundraising events for local organizations. According to the posts that Breakiron, a West Virginia police officer, made on Facebook, he was a devoted family guy who never stopped showing his parents how much they mean to him.

The young K-9 officer had a bright smile on his face as he stood next to his father, who was campaigning for the position of South Union Township Supervisor a few weeks before the catastrophic single-car accident. While they attended a benefit for Catholic war veterans, his father Garret, who worked for the government, kept his kid beside him the entire time. Not long after that, Breakiron pushed his fans to check out an interview that his dad had done while he was running for local office during the campaign that he was running.

At the beginning of the year, Zane could be seen grappling with various objects in a pool as part of his preparation to assist with the rescue of people in the case of an accident that occurred underwater. The Morgantown Police Department distributed photographs of Zane as an illustration of the work that police are performing behind the scenes to maintain the safety of the community. Many of the friend’s comments expressed gratitude toward the law enforcement officer who always seems to put the needs of others before his own.

A close friend of Zane’s wrote an email at the time that read, “A huge thank you to all police officers and first responders may God always be with you.” The life of Zane, who was an accomplished student and athlete during his time in high school and college, was memorialized in a heartbreaking post that Zane’s father penned and published on Facebook. The grieving father spoke of his son’s commitment to serving others and said that his son was also active in groups such as the Hutchinson Sportsman Club and the Fraternal Order of Police.

The elated father noted that his son received praise for his search and rescue abilities, which demonstrated his son’s unwavering bravery. During the time that the father was bragging about his son’s achievements, he reminded the community that Zane’s faith was the foundation of his character. According to what Garret wrote, “Zane’s spirit flourished in his relationship with God while he was a devoted member of Abundant Life Church.” “He showed love, kindness, and compassion to everyone he came into contact with, serving as a shining example of Christian values.”