Tom Peebles Obituary Victoria British Columbia, Tom Peebles Has Died In A Car Accident

Tom Peebles Obituary Victoria British Columbia, Tom Peebles Has Died In A Car Accident

Tom Peebles Obituary, Death –  Thomas Leon Peebles, who is now 77 years old, was born on November 8th, 1944 in Terre Haute, Indiana to parents Arthur W. Peebles and Mary Emma Rector. He spent his childhood in Three Rivers, Michigan. Tom was the second oldest of the three boys, following in the footsteps of his older brother Arthur and his younger brother John. After some time had passed, Tom’s parents got a divorce.

Because of the persistent health problem that their mother had to deal with, Tom and his brothers did not spend much time with their mother over the course of several years. After some time had passed, Tom’s mom was finally able to have a child, and her name is Gloria. She took them by surprise and told them they had a new baby sister. Because Gloria spent her summers with the Peebles, she developed a strong bond with both her biological brothers and her step-brothers. In point of fact, when she was born, the name Peebles was given to her as her surname.

After that, Arthur wed Marty, and the couple eventually welcomed four children: Richard, Steve, Larry, and Marcia. The two families became one cohesive unit after being combined. As is the case with the majority of families, they went through happy times and difficult times equally. In August of 1963, Tom enlisted in the United States Navy and served his country during the Vietnam War. His time spent in the military was beneficial to him since it enabled him to acquire valuable life skills that set him up for success after he returned to civilian life. After being invited by his Navy buddy Joe Pike to visit his hometown of Ontario, California and stay with him at his mother’s house (Mrs. Pike), Tom made the decision not to go back to Michigan.

Joe Pike lives in Ontario with his mother. Both Ontario and California were two of Tom’s favorite places. After spending his childhood in extremely frigid temperatures near the great lakes, he found the warm weather to be particularly enjoyable. While Tom was in Ontario, he found work at a local phone business, where he also made some new friends. He developed a very strong relationship with the Pike family. Tom would run into Kathy Lloyd in the year 1968 finally. They had been seeing each other for close to three years before they decided to get engaged. In 1972, Tom and Kathy became husband and wife. Tom came to the conclusion that he required a profession that would give him with a higher income, and he considered becoming a police officer.

After completing the necessary testing and going through the interview process, he was hired by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 1971. Castaic, California served as his place of employment for the first year of his job at Wayside Honor Rancho. One year of training in a detention center is required for all newly hired deputies. Tom and Kathy made their first real estate purchase in Valencia, which is close to Castaic. Castaic was the location of their second house. Tom’s schooling was funded by the Sheriff’s Department, and he attended the University of Redlands, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1977. Tom and Kathy Peebles were overjoyed to have been given the gift of three sons:

Thomas Scott Peebles (Tommy), now known as Bruno; Brian Joseph Peebles; and Jeffrey Michael Peebles. All three of their sons were named after Tom and Kathy’s grandfathers. Jeff was born in Orange County, while Bruno and Brian both had their beginnings in the county of Los Angeles. Tom and his family had a great time settling into their new home in Valencia, where they rapidly developed strong bonds of friendship with their next-door neighbors, whose children were born around the same time as Tommy and Brian.