Thomas Scott Obituary, Thomas Scott Funeral Details

Thomas Scott Obituary, Death – On June 11, 2023, Thomas (Tommy) Scott put up a valiant effort to combat the illness that was ravaging his body, but it was ultimately in vain, and he passed away shortly afterward. It is certain that the devastating news of his demise will leave his beloved wife, Mary Elizabeth (Betty), as well as his five children, Samuel, William, Daniel, Alan, and Kenneth, with a profound sense of loss. The arrival of our five amazing daughters-in-law, Donna, Lorna, Glenda, Pamela, and Heather, was a blessing that was showered upon us by our sons and daughters-in-law.

They have given us a present that does not have a monetary value that can be assigned to it. People have a propensity to think that the following individuals are all grandchildren: Craig and Joanna; Samuel, Gary, and Stephen; Karen and Carol-Ann; Barry, Victoria, and Charlene; Alison, Mary-Beth, and Daniel; Peter, Ben Hannah, and Kerrie; and Barry, Victoria, and Charlene. People have a tendency to assume that all of the individuals listed above are grandchildren. This is a mistake that many people make.

Carol-Ann and Samuel; Gary, Stephen, and Karen; Barry, Victoria, and Charlene; and Karen and Carol-Ann.
These are the names of our great-great grandchildren, and they are written in the order that they were given to us: Aoife, Dylan, Gemma, and Cillian. The skeleton remains that have been held at the residence of the family will be made available for people to examine on Monday evening at five o’clock. This event will take place on Monday evening. This will take happening on Monday night at approximately 7:00.

Following the burial service, which will be held at the Fannet Presbyterian Church in Kerrykeel on Wednesday, February 14 at 2:00 p.m., the deceased individual will be laid to rest in the graveyard of the Milford Presbyterian Church. The memorial service as well as the burial will take place at the Fannet Presbyterian Church in Kerrykeel.

The funeral for the departed is going to be held at the Fannet Presbyterian Church in Kerrykeel, and anyone who wishes to pay their respects can do so. On the day of the funeral, time was spent with numerous relatives beginning at ten o’clock in the evening and continuing until eleven o’clock in the morning. The funeral itself took place at eleven o’clock in the morning. The actual burial took place at eleven in the morning on the day of the funeral.