Susan Hernandez Obituary, Woman Bludgeoned To death Before Being Set Ablazed In Basement Of Her Pueblo House

Susan Hernandez Obituary, Woman Bludgeoned To death Before Being Set Ablazed In Basement Of Her Pueblo House

Susan Hernandez Obituary, Death – On July 27, 2015, when they were putting out a fire in Pueblo, Colorado, they discovered the horribly beaten and burned body of Susan Hernandez. The fire had been intentionally set. After the woman’s daughter contacted 911 because she observed smoke pouring out of the house, the body of the 77-year-old woman was found in the basement of the home she shared with her daughter. The investigation revealed that Susan had died from blunt force trauma to the head and that her body had been purposefully set ablaze after her death.

DNA evidence was discovered under the 77-year-old woman’s fingernails, and after testing it, the authorities were able to link it to five males in the family before pointing the finger at her grandson Anthony Sena. His daughter testified that she spotted blood on her father after he returned from Susan’s residence on the day of the murder, which led to Anthony’s apprehension and eventual capture. In 2016, a jury found Sena guilty of the crime, and he was given a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The gruesome killing of Susan Hernandez is going to be covered in an upcoming episode of the investigative documentary series The Murder Tapes on ID. This coming Thursday, June 8 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, the channel will broadcast an episode with the working title Blunt Force Trauma. The following is an excerpt from the episode’s plot summary: “A woman of faith, Susan Hernandez, is the last person the police would expect to find murdered in her basement; searching for suspects, detectives turn over every stone in the hunt for Susan’s killer, with a result that shakes the town to its very core.”

After the passing of her husband of 59 years, Susan Hernandez moved in with her dog to a home in Pueblo, Colorado, where she attended church on a regular basis. She had seven children who had reached adulthood, and she led a leisurely, serene, and quiet life with one of her daughters, Vanessa, who lived directly across the street from her house. Katrina, the other one of her daughters, lived around forty-five minutes away but stayed in close contact with her mother all the time.

On the other hand, Katrina, who normally communicated with her mother on the phone every single day, was unable to reach her on the morning of July 29, 2015. She stated that her mother had not been sleeping well and was concerned about her roof. As a result, her grandmother had hired her grandson, Vanessa’s son Anthony Sena, to fix it. Katrina was unable to reach her mother, so she drove to Susan’s house, where she discovered smoke coming from the basement. Susan’s house was on fire. She dialed 911 and reported the fire, as well as what appeared to be an invasion of the home due to the fact that the front door was left unlocked.