Summer Wells Obituary, Rogersville Tennessee , What Happened To Summer Wells?

Summer Wells Obituary, Rogersville Tennessee , What Happened To Summer Wells?

Summer Wells Obituary, Death –  Was Summer Wells, Found Dead: What Happened To Summer Wells? Summer Wells, age 5, was last seen playing in the neighborhood near her home when she vanished without a trace. Her family was taken aback and concerned about her condition. People are interested in learning what became of Summer Wells and where she is at this time. You can get more information about “What Happened to Summer Wells” and discover what’s new by reading the material that follows.

The 5-year-old girl from Tennessee named Summer Moon-Utah Wells was last seen at her home on Ben Hill Road in Hawkins County on June 15, 2021. This location is located in Hawkins County. Stranger still is the fact that she was present at the time with both her mother and her grandma. They are all taken aback by this news due to the fact that she was very close to both her mother and grandma and that she has been absent from her home. Summer Wells has been reported missing for close to a year, but her whereabouts and circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain unknown.

On June 15, 2021, Summer Wells, a girl from Tennessee, was reported missing, and her case is being chronicled as such. The last time anyone saw her, she was leaving her home in the Beech Creek neighborhood of Rogersville, which is located on the 100 block of Ben Hill Road. The investigation into her disappearance has been taken up by a great number of different organizations, but so far, none of them have been able to locate her or provide any fresh details regarding her absence.

Summer Wells is the daughter of Candus Wells and Don Wells, who are the missing girl’s parents. On Thursday’s edition of Dr. Phil, behavior analysts and body language experts Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley discussed their case with the patients. Therefore, they are the parents of Summer Wells, the girl who has been reported missing. Despite the passage of a year, the investigation has not been successful in determining either what happened to her or whether or not she is still alive.

As a result of the fact that Summer Wells’s body was never located following her disappearance on June 15, 2021, a lot of people had questions or reservations regarding whether or not she had actually died. A reward of up to $40,000 has been offered for information leading to the location of the driver of a red pickup vehicle.