Sue Yount Obituary Hocking County Ohio, K-12 education attorney & industry pioneer has died

Sue Yount Obituary Hocking County Ohio, K-12 education attorney & industry pioneer has died

Sue Yount Death, Obituary – Bricker Graydon, and particularly the legacy Bricker members of the company, are in disbelief and grieving after learning of the unexpected death of Sue Wyskiver Yount, a longtime K-12 education attorney and industry pioneer. Sue, who was just 63 years old, retired from Bricker & Eckler in December 2020 so that she could spend more time with her family and on her farm. Unfortunately, on Saturday evening on the farm outside Logan, Ohio, in Hocking County, she was killed in a farm vehicle accident, and her life was cut tragically short as a result.

Lydia (age 27), Caleb (age 25), and Rachel (age 18) are the three people who will carry on Sue’s legacy after her passing. Sue is survived by her husband of 32 years, Brant. She is also survived by an incalculable number of clients and coworkers who knew her not only for her legal expertise, but also for her religion and her generosity. As a lawyer, she served as a trusted advisor to a large number of public school district leaders, played a pivotal role in the historic DeRolph v. State of Ohio school funding case, and is recognized as an authority on all elements of Ohio law dealing to K-12 schools.

Her clients, her coworkers, and the Ohio education community in general found Sue’s unwavering commitment to the concept of equal funding for all of the students enrolled in the state’s public schools to be an example to follow. Her remarkable fight on behalf of her clients in the public education system will be remembered for a very long time.

As a person, Sue was a guide and a friend to many people, and she was also the leader of the Bricker Bible Study group, which is an expansive and continuously expanding collection of people who regularly get together to discuss their religious beliefs. She was an exemplary human being in every respect and it showed in every facet of her life.

Your thoughts and prayers are requested to be offered up for the Yount and Bricker families.