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Steve Showers Obituary New Tripoli Pennsylvania, Funeral and Visitation

Steven D. Showers, who had spent all 63 of his years of life in the Mount Clare region, passed away on Tuesday, July 7, 2020. He had lived there his entire life. He had 63 years under his belt. The age he was at the time of his departure was 63 years old, which is also the age he was when he left. He was the step-son of Roy Criss and the son of Susan Lada Criss and the late Harry Showers, both of whom had passed away before he was born. Roy Criss was his step-father. Harry Showers was his biological father.

His biological father was named Harry Showers, and Roy Criss was his step-father. Roy Criss was the man who filled the role of stepfather to him.vHarry Showers was the man who was identified as being his biological father. The man who took on the responsibilities of stepfather to him was named Roy Criss. At the get-together, in addition to Randy, his close pals Mike, Barry, Albert, Gary, and Dave, as well as his dog Samantha and his caregiver Paula, as well as a large number of Randy’s cousins, including Karen, Nancy, Tom, and Cindy, were present.

In addition, he is survived by the person who took care of him, Paula, as well as by the dog that he had called Samantha. Both of these individuals are referred to as Samantha. Another member of his family who he had with him from the time she was a puppy till the time she passed away is the family dog, Samantha. She will miss him tremendously. In the past, he held a position with the Harrison County Board of Education schools in the department that was in charge of maintaining the facilities. In this role, his responsibilities included cleaning and repairing the schools. The local educational agency was in charge of filling this position.

Steven was able to give his life meaning by tending to the relationships he had with people who were important to him, such as his friends and family, and by pursuing his passion in antique motorcycles and automobiles. These activities allowed Steven’s life to have significance.