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Steve Scanlon Obituary, Steve Scanlon Has Reportedly Passed Away

Steve Scanlon Death, Obituary – As I get ready to sit down and write this essay, I find that a tremendous degree of sorrow has taken up home in my heart, and I realize that it has been there for a significant length of time already. I also understand that this melancholy has been there for quite some time. My wonderful friend Steve Scanlon passed away in a quiet and tranquil manner on a Sunday afternoon.

His passing came as a shock to me. The fact that he is no longer here has brought me a great degree of peace. The news of his departure came as quite a shock. The unavoidable agony of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), which he will no longer have to suffer because of it, is a condition that finally results in death. He will no longer have to bear it because of it.

The employees at Compassionate Care ALS were nothing short of excellent, and they more than deserve any gifts that can be given in Steve’s honor by anyone who would like to do so. Donations to the organization can be given in Steve’s honor by his family and friends, and the organization will be very appreciative of any and all contributions made in his name.

Because he done so many good things for the neighborhood and the surrounding area, practically all of the individuals who live in this community will lament his loss to a great degree. His contributions to the community and the surrounding area were extensive and constructive. This is as a result of the numerous positive things that he done for the neighborhood as well as the areas that surrounded it.

It would appear, my dear friend, that we won’t run into each other again until we make our way to the other side of the river and find each other there.
Mark Ahles