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Sherry Schmidt car accident New Jersey Amateur MMA Fighter has died sadly

Sherry Schmidt car accident, Death, Obituary – Sherry Schmidt, rest in peace. My favorite white girl as a child. Summers were spent camping with you and your family.such a lovely soul My share was bare… I was speechless. She attended Troy City Schools, until her family moved to Washington at age 14, where she signed up for Wood Shop in order to meet a boy which ended up being Kurt Schmidt. Sherry would ultimately end up dating Kurt in High School and graduated from Curtis High School in University Place, WA.

Sherry and Kurt were married in 1991 and soon after started a family to which she had a fierce devotion to and would do anything for including foregoing any type of career outside the house so she could continue raising and guiding the children to become the best possible thoughtful and kind citizens that they have become. Sherry spent a great deal of time volunteering at her childrens schools and was a PTA member so that she may champion for all children and what was best for them.

Along with PTA, Sherry was active in Girl Scouts with both of her Daughters and was a driving force behind her Son and his Boy Scouting and ultimately him earning his Eagle Scout rank. She loved photography and was very good at it, winning awards for some of her photos at the local and county levels.

She and Kurt are active members of the Waller Road Grange at which Sherry would spend days working on award winning displays and Washington State Fair, overseeing the Woodrow Elementary Pioneer School program or assisting with the Green Thumb Garden for the local 2nd and 3rd Grade students.