Sharon Mayers Obituary, Sharon Mayers has died

Sharon Mayers Obituary, Death – We are deeply saddened to tell you of the passing of our dear friend Sharon Mayers, and we want you to know that we are sending our deepest condolences in your direction at this difficult time. This decision was made in spite of the overwhelming sense of loss that we all shared, but we had no other choice. Even though Sharon has had some health problems over the past few years, it appeared that she was making progress in her recovery up until very recently. Very recently, however, her condition has worsened significantly.

It is highly likely that some of you are already aware of this information; if that is the case, we are grateful to those of you who have brought it to our attention. It is unfortunate that her condition deteriorated not too long ago, and she passed away unexpectedly on June 4th, a day that came out of the blue and came much more quickly than anybody could have guessed it would. Her death came out of the blue and came out of the blue and came much more quickly than anyone could have predicted it would. Her health has been steadily deteriorating for a considerable amount of time.

Sharon was a great daughter who had a profound love for her family and was a fantastic friend to everyone who had the good fortune to know her. everyone who had the opportunity to spend time with Sharon was lucky. You were in for a real treat if you ever got the opportunity to talk to her. A person who is compassionate, kind, unwavering in their determination, and brave right up until the very end of the situation.

We will keep Les and every member of his family in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. Please accept our condolences. Sharon was stolen from each of us far too abruptly when we had just started getting to know her. Her passing was a great loss. When the time is perfect, the public will be informed of the arrangements for Sharon’s funeral and burial, and this will occur both here and elsewhere. She will be sorely missed by all of us for the rest of our lives, and we will never get over how much she meant to us.