Sebastian Tyburski Obituary Fresno, California Sebastian Tyburski Has Died Sadly

Sebastian Tyburski Obituary, Death –  I apologize, Sebastian. I wish this illness weren’t so distasteful. Sebastian Tyburski, with whom I enjoyed playing ball, may you rest in peace. On Saturday, an off-duty Garfield police officer allegedly struck an Elmwood Park police cruiser while intoxicated, according to authorities. According to Anthony Cureton, a spokesperson for the Bergen County sheriff, Sebastian Tyburski, 26, smashed into a pole near Market Street and Midland Avenue before reversing into a patrol car with a blood alcohol level of 0.16 percent, double the legal limit. Detective Capt. Darren Sucorowski said Tyburski joined the Garfield Police Department little over four years ago. He stated that as an internal inquiry is ongoing, no action has been taken against the officer.

According to The Record, Elmood Park police were alerted to a report of a car parked on the curb at Market Street and Midland Avenue at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday. Tyburski looked to be dozing off behind the wheel when police arrived, according to Cureton, NJ Advance Media. When police arrived, the automobile reversed and hit the patrol car, he claimed, doing minor damage. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the site, according to Elmwood Park police chief Michael Foligno, since an Elmwood Park patrol car was involved in the incident. He directed the sheriff’s office to handle any more inquiries on the event.

Tyburski’s blood alcohol concentration was.16, according to a Breathalyzer test performed at the police department’s main office, Cureton said. He was accused of driving under the influence and Tyburski’s contact information was not immediately accessible. The four fled, jumped into a black four-door Volvo with New York license plates, and fled as Tyburski sped two blocks in the opposite direction. He then ordered them to stop. Then, according to the captain, he started providing medical assistance to the victims after broadcasting a description of the car. Officer Radoslaw Kata stopped the Volvo at Mill Street almost immediately after spotting it traveling north on Shaw Street toward Route 46.

The arrival of additional Garfield and Elmwood Park police officers aided in the arrest of all four. Three of the defendants later had their charges dropped. In the meantime, Galloway resident Ryan Hoebel, the defendant, admitted guilt to simple assault.