Rondo Mieczkowsk Obituary, Member of the Coldwater Canyon Provisions Rondo Mieczkowsk has died – Death

Rondo Mieczkowsk Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you of the recent passing of Rondo Mieczkowski, proprietor of Coldwater Canyon Provisions; it is with a heavy heart that we share this information with you. Rondo was not just a treasured member of our vendor community; wherever he traveled, he built a community of people who shared similar values and perspectives. He was adamant about purchasing all of his food directly from the farmers and vendors at the market. Therefore, if he wasn’t at his booth, you might find him placing or picking up an order, catching up with any one of his fellow vendors, talking to a farmer about when to expect the first harvest of something seasonal that he wanted to preserve, or conversing with a farmer about when to expect the first harvest of something seasonal that he planned to preserve.

All of these activities are examples of things that he might be doing when he’s not at his booth. Rondo was someone who made the most of virtually every opportunity that was offered to him. In addition to participating in the inaugural class of our Seasoned Accelerator program and being one of the first vendors to join the LA River Farmers’ Market and our eat! internet platform, he sold his preserves in local markets all around Southern California. He was also one of the first vendors to join the market. Rondo also gave a positive response to the majority of the other questions that were posed to him. had received a number of prizes for his jams and preserves, and in addition, he supplied some fantastic recipe recommendations, such as preparing a salad dressing using the juice from Tarragon cherries.

As we read the heartfelt remembrances penned by Rondo’s friends and people he worked with, we can’t help but reflect on the moments we spent with him in the past. A memorial service will be held this coming Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers Market in the booth area that he inhabited in order to pay our respects to his memory and legacy. The service will take place in the space that he occupied. It would be a tremendous honor for us to have you join us. In addition, a solemn memorial ceremony will be performed at some point in the future, and we will make it a priority to keep you updated on any new information we obtain regarding this event as soon as we receive it.