Shelton Stevens Obituary, Shelton Stevens Has Tragically Passed Away

Robert Craig Bones Obituary, Robert Craig Bones Has Died At Age 51

Robert Craig Bones Death, Obituary – On Friday, June 2, 2023, Robert Craig (Bones), age 51, passed away in an unexpected but honorable manner at his home. His passing occurred. It was on that date that he passed away. Unanticipated was the manner in which he passed away. A wonderful and loved son of Robbie Craig who has passed away.

A treasured father of Kayleigh and Jade, a cherished grandfather of Dean, McKenzie, Skylar, and Rosaleigh, a loving brother of Elaine, Sheila, Helen, and Diane, a wonderful and loved son of Robbie Craig who has passed away, and a treasured uncle, great-uncle, and friend.

Robbie Craig was a wonderful and loved son of Robbie Craig. Robbie Craig was a beloved son who will be sorely missed by everyone who had the opportunity to know and care for him. Robbie Craig, the sister of Elaine, Sheila, Helen, and Diane, was a kind and compassionate individual who was their brother.

I was saddened to learn of the demise of, and I hope you can accept my deepest condolences. On Tuesday, June 13, at eleven in the morning, an event to honour the life of Bones will take place in The Almanythie Hall in Peterhead, which is located at Grange Road. The occasion will get under way one day after Bones has left this world.

After the memorial service that will be held in the celebrant’s honor to celebrate the life of the departed individual, the burial of the deceased at Grange Cemetery will take place. All of the celebrant’s close friends have been extended a warm invitation to attend.

If you do not wish to bring flowers with you to the memorial service, you are more than welcome to make a donation to The Anchor Unit at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary at the door of the hall where the event is being held.

The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary can also be found in the same building as the ward in question. Flowers are always gratefully received and are acknowledged with appreciation.