Ric Wilson Obituary, Canadian Ric Wilson has reportedly passed away

Ric Wilson Death, Obituary – Ric Wilson is the name of the fourth Ric Wilson. On the occasion of Ric Wilson’s passing, the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) would like to express its deepest condolences to his family and friends. During the course of his career, Wilson was victorious in the Canadian Pro Open Snowcross Championship on four separate occasions. Ric passed away while he was doing what he loved the most: racing at high speeds and pushing himself to the maximum!!

Ric Wilson was a determined Ski-doo racer for Team Vincent Motorsports and the London Recreation Race Team. He was a fierce competitor. He participated in the activities of both squads. In the sport of snowmobile racing in Canada, especially in snowcross and cross-country contests, he was a true living legend. He was very successful in these events. His victories in snowcross and cross-country races are considered to be his best achievements.
At the races, Ric was well-known for his broad, infectious smile, and he was always willing to assist whoever approached him for assistance.

Additionally, he would assist anybody who was in need of his assistance. Everyone who came into contact with him thought of him as a trustworthy friend.Ric spent a considerable amount of time working with CSRA as a groomer operator, and during that time, he was instrumental in the development of some wonderful race courses for our racers. During that time, he was also instrumental in the design of several fantastic race tracks for our racers.
We have suffered a devastating setback as a result of this!

There is a chance that you could ride the Ric 4C for no additional cost.A gathering to commemorate and remember the life of Ric will be held in the West Lodge of the Caledon Ski Club on the afternoon of June 3, from one to four o’clock in the afternoon. This gathering will be conducted in Ric’s honor. 17431 Mississauga Rd. L7K 0E9