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Raymond Leber Obituary, of Springfield Township Raymond Leber Obituary Has Died

Raymond Leber Death, Obituary –  After conducting an investigation into the events leading up to the finding of the body, the local authorities were eventually able to put a name to the charred remains that were found in York County after a fire. He had lived 88 years at the time of the interview. Raymond Leber, a local resident of Springfield Township, passed tragically suddenly on Thursday morning at 12:52 in the morning at the scene of a house fire that was taking place in the 700 block of Glen Rock Road in Springfield Township.

It was reported that the incident occurred in Springfield Township. The event that took place was in the Springfield township, which was the location of the township. The office of the York County Coroner, which has its administrative headquarters in York County, is the organization that has been charged with the obligation of ensuring that this records are kept up to date. The blaze was reported to have originated in the municipal area of Springfield, which served as the scene of the tragedy.

After it was confirmed that Leber had gone away, his body was found inside of his flat, according to the conclusions of the coroner, who found that Leber’s body had been there. She indicated that there was no one else present in the home at the time that the fire occurred. She further stated that the fire started by itself.

Gay claims that once the toxicology tests have been finished, information detailing the specifics of Leber’s passing, including the cause of death and the circumstances surrounding his leaving, will be made available to the general public. This information will include the circumstances surrounding his leaving.

At this point in time, the investigation into the cause of the fire that is being conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police is still in the process of being carried out. This investigation is being carried out by the Pennsylvania State Police.