Qualin Campbell Obituary, Man Killed In A Suspected Murder-Suicide On South Nevada Avenue

Qualin Campbell Obituary, Man Killed In A Suspected Murder-Suicide On South Nevada Avenue

Qualin Campbell Obituary, Death – The widow of a man killed in a suspected murder-suicide on South Nevada Avenue on June 2 has more questions than answers. Tali’Ja Campbell and her family accused the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) of neglecting to react to the murder scene for more than an hour after her initial request for aid on Thursday morning, June 8. An worrisome text sent by Campbell’s husband, Qualin, begging her to bring authorities to his location on Friday afternoon, June 2, prompted Campbell to phone 911 before his death.

The text included a photo of the suspect who reportedly kidnapped her husband and held him captive, as well as his specific position from his phone. Even though Qualin was less than a mile away from CSPD, Campbell elected to drive forty minutes to her husband’s location because “there was no sense of urgency” with the dispatcher. Campbell stated that she was the first one on the site and was surprised to see no law officers. She reportedly discovered her husband and the suspect slumped over in the car and dropped to her knees, assuming the worst had happened.

“When we looked in the car, we could clearly see the other man in there with the gun in his lap, and no one dared to open the door,” Campbell recalled. While others stood by, unsure if their own lives were in jeopardy, Campbell unlocked the car door in one last desperate attempt to save her husband. “I wanted to check to see if my husband was still alive.” I was curious to see if he had a pulse. I pushed open the door and placed my fingers on his neck. I was unable to feel anything. I wrapped my fingers around his wrist. “I couldn’t feel anything,” Campbell explained.

Qualin was eventually dragged from the vehicle. “I was the one who had to attempt CPR on my husband in a pool of blood.” I noticed… “I shouldn’t have done that,” Campbell admitted. According to Campbell, officers did not respond until a swarm of 911 callers seeing the scene reported bullets being fired. The family is now wondering why there was no response from Colorado Springs police and why it took so long for them to respond.

According to civil rights attorney Harry Daniels, there is no reason for Qualin’s killing, and the family is waiting to learn what went wrong. “We’d like to know how many officers were on hand. How many police were on duty that day? What phone calls take precedence?… This has an impact on all of us… “We call 911 because there is an emergency, and we want the police to come,” Daniels explained.