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Peter McCormack Obituary, Peter McCormack has passed away

Peter McCormack Death, Obituary – Chairman Robbie Cowling published a personal statement shortly after learning the devastating news. In it, he stated, “I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the family of Peter McCormack who sadly passed away from cancer last weekend.” Pete has spent a large period of time working as the Head of Safeguarding for the Colchester United football club. Pete is a lifetime supporter of the Colchester United football team and has followed the team throughout his childhood.

According to the obituary, “He is survived by his wife Deanne and son Liam, both of whom have been devoted fans of the club for their entire lives.” Liam and Deanne have been fans of the club for their entire lives. “He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.” Everyone who ever had the privilege of calling him a friend will experience a profound feeling of bereavement upon learning of his passing.

“Pete’s desk has been situated in a location that is not overly distant from my workplace over the course of the past few years. Because of our close closeness, I was able to get to know him fairly well throughout the course of this opportunity. Before he was tragically stricken by his serious illness, he had my full respect. I am sorry that it took its toll on him. I held the highest regard for him in my heart. Nevertheless, the brave and dignified manner in which he faced the illness was one of the most motivating things I have ever seen in my life.

It was one of the things that inspired me the most. I often find myself wishing I had his physical fortitude. “Pete insisted on working through the entirety of his battle with cancer, and despite the fact that I reminded him on multiple occasions that he was free to take as much time off as he required, the only days he missed from work were the days leading up to the day he passed away,” “Pete insisted on working through the entirety of his battle with cancer.”

“May you finally discover the peace you’ve been searching for, Peter.” During this difficult time, everyone at Colchester United is keeping Pete’s wife and kid, along with the rest of Pete’s family and friends, in their thoughts and prayers.