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Patricia Garrett Death, Obituary – Patricia “Patti” June (Garrett) Pipkins was born on June 25th, 1928 in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Her full name at birth was Patricia “Patti” June (Garrett) Pipkins. Patricia “Patti” June (Garrett) Pipkins is the full form of her given name. She was Earl Julian and Ida Mae (Rudd) Garrett’s first child together as a parent and their first kid overall. She was born to them after they had been married for some time. The naming of her granddaughter after her grandmother, Patricia “Patti” June (Garrett) Pipkins, was done so as a way to honor her grandma.

They couldn’t contain their excitement when they found out that the Garretts were going to become parents for the very first time, which made both of their cheeks light up with a grin. When they found out that they were going to become parents for the very first time, they were so overjoyed by the news that her parents could scarcely contain their excitement when they learned of the news. On the evening of Friday, April 21, 2023, Patti, who had reached the age of 94 and had lived a long and happy life, passed away in a calm and peaceful manner. The 21st of April was the day that she passed away.

She lived a long life and was blessed with excellent health all the way up until the very end of it. She passed away with her loved ones and close friends at her side, all of them were deeply saddened by her passing and were deeply affected by her life and the loss she leaves behind. Those who knew and loved her will be left with a profound sense of loss at her passing.

The get-together that takes place every year was held on April 21 of this year. The occurrence that was in question truly happened and continued to happen. She resumed her education at Eufaula University for the second year of her plan to complete her education there after completing the first year of her official education at Hanna Schools. Her intention was to complete her degree there.

She had devised a strategy that would take her four years to complete, and she had just finished the first year of her official study at Hanna Schools. Her goal was to become a teacher.