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Nadia Itzel Tirado Obituary, Nadia Itzel Tirado Has Reportedly Died

Nadia Itzel Tirado Death, Obituary – The young woman who was slain during the mass shooting that took place at a birthday celebration in Antioch early on Sunday morning has been named by the Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office. The office of the coroner has stated that the victim who was shot and killed in the mass shooting was an Oakley resident named Nadia Itzel Tirado, who was 18 years old.

A news release issued by the Antioch Police Department states that just before one in the morning, police dispatch began getting many calls on 9-1-1 alleging a shooting event that took place at a residence located on the 3300 block of Sunset Lane. According to additional accounts, a number of people were hurt during the incident. According to the information provided to the officers, uninvited guests arrived at the celebration and began shooting, which caused a panic.

Tirado was taken to a nearby hospital, where a medical examiner confirmed her dead upon arrival. According to the police, the seven other victims sustained injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. Before the police could arrive, the culprits had already fled the area. The family has started a GoFundMe campaign in the hopes of raising enough money to cover the costs of the funeral.

Bob Schaefer, who lives on the other side of the street, was roused from his sleep at approximately one in the morning by the commotion. “It sounded like four bursts of five shots, so I got up,” he claimed. “There were five shots total.” “Children could be seen dashing down the street. “Cars were going back and forth, and approximately one minute later, two police cars came up with their high beams on,” he said to KPIX. “It looked like they were trying to pull someone over.”

A man by the name of Chris was visiting his mother, who was getting on in years, at a house in the neighborhood. He told her, “You know, they’re running through the yard and all hell is breaking loose.” He was referring to the children. “People are rushing all over the place, and the situation is completely out of control. It was totally insane.

Schaefer claims that he is merely biding his time at this point. “Friends and family are saying, ‘Why the hell haven’t I moved out of here yet?'” he said. “Why the hell haven’t I moved out of here yet?” “Hey, there are just four years left until retirement. I’ve made it thus far, another four years won’t kill me, right?”

This is the second mass shooting that has taken place in the San Francisco Bay Area in the past little more than 48 hours. The San Francisco Police Department is currently looking into the mass shooting that took place at a block party in the Mission District on Friday night. The incident left nine people injured.

The Antioch Police Department is requesting that anyone who may have information regarding the tragic shooting get in touch with them.