Morningstar Rose Obituary, Morningstar Rose Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 29

Morningstar Rose Death, Obituary – Bretton -Croy Morningstar Rose Morningstar On April 23, 2023, Rose Brertton-Croy, who had most recently lived in Edmonton, Alberta, but was originally from Saddle Lake, passed tragically suddenly at the age of 29. She had spent the majority of her life in Edmonton, Alberta, but she was originally from Saddle Lake. When she passed away, it came as a surprise and was a sad and shocking turn of events.

She is survived by her two children, Daviegh-Lee and Harlow; the father of her children, Shane Roasting; an extraordinary friend, Frank Campbell; her caring mother, Judy Brertton; her siblings, Sarah Brertton, Jordan (Ellen) Brertton, and David Croy Jr.; adopted siblings, Shayla Mackinaw, Owen Mackinaw, and Shea Brertton; brother-in-law, Rodney McGuire Her maternal and paternal grandparents, Joseph Cardinal and Rosie Cardinal, as well as her father, David Joseph Croy, and mother, George Brertton, had all passed away prior to Morningstar’s birth.

George Brertton and David Joseph Croy were her parents. Her father’s full name was David Joseph Croy. Her mother’s maiden name was Croy. Her mother has the surname Croy as her maiden name. Her mother had always been known by the name George Brertton. A wake is scheduled to take place at the Manitou Kihew Arena, which is located in close proximity to Saddle Lake, on both Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30.

The procession is scheduled to start in Grace Gardens at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, and it will continue continuously throughout the day. In remembrance of the individual who has passed away, a Traditional Funeral Service will be held on Monday, May 1 at eleven in the morning at the Manitou Kihew Arena located near Saddle Lake. The memorial service will be held in remembrance of the person who has passed away.

After everything has been finished, the burial will take place at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery in Saddle Lake. The phone number to call at GRACE GARDENS FUNERAL CHAPEL in St. Paul, Alberta is 780-645-2677, and the chapel’s address is 5626-51 Street. You are cordially welcome to express your condolences to the family by leaving a message on the website of the funeral home, which may be accessed at if you are interested in doing so. The funeral home continues to operate out of the same location, which can be found at 5626-51 Street.