Jordyn Elliott Obituary Appleton WI, Jordyn Elliott Has Died

Mike Santa Cruz Obituary Vancleave Mississippi, Retired Trooper has passed on sadly

Mike Santa Cruz Obituary – He was a very remarkable human being! I am praying for the Santa Cruz family as well as the members of his MHP family whose lives he has impacted. May he finally find rest in heaven. Today was a difficult day that started out with the news that a fellow student had been shot early in the morning. To receive this information so late on the same day felt like it was too much to handle. Mike was a good friend to a lot of people, and I will never forget the time we spent working together at the DSB.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all of the people whose lives he touched via friendship. He was not only a loyal soldier but also a good friend to all of us. He was constantly concerned about the future of MHP and did an excellent job of representing them. Today is such a sad day for law enforcement officers. My friend, may you rest in peace till the day we meet again. Please say some prayers for his family. He was a wonderful member of society. When he was on his way through, he would always give Frank a call to make his order for red beans and rice to be prepared for me.

My deepest condolences and prayers are with Trooper Santa Cruz’s family and all of his other loved ones. May God bless you and guide your journey, sir. Oh my goodness, I’m blown away to learn this; he was truly in the top tier. Prayers, prayers, prayers for him and his family. RIP MY FRIEND! This news has a depressing effect on me as well. On multiple times, I was invited to spend the night as a guest in the Santa Cruz residence.

Mike was never absent, and he was always there to lend his parents a helping hand and ensure that everyone’s needs were met. My heart goes out to the Santa Cruz family as I say prayers for their strength and comfort. He was a close friend of mine. I do not know how to express how much this wounds me; I am speechless. We believe that God hears our prayers and continue to pray for the Cruz family as well as our MHP-DPS family