Mieko Hashimoto Obituary, Mieko Hashimoto Passed Away At Age 93

Mieko Hashimoto Obituary, Mieko Hashimoto Passed Away At Age 93

Mieko Hashimoto Obituary, Death – The Hashimoto family announces the passing of Mieko, their matriarch, following a brief stay at the Almonte General Hospital with sadness. She was 93 years old. Family was the foundation of everything to Mieko. She was a beloved mother of eight children who was preceded in death by her sister Shigeko and her daughter Kyoko Susan Hashimoto. She is survived by her seven surviving children: Tim’s sister Hiroko Angela Cowhick, Jim’s sister Mariko Margaret Hashimoto, Orsolya’s sister Yoshiharu Ken Hashimoto, Dale’s sister Keiko Emily Sokolon, Hiroyuki’s sister Nahoko Anne Uemura, Mike’s sister Haruko Lisa Hashimoto, and Holly’s sister Atsuhiko Chris Hashimoto.

Christian, Chloe, Motoharu, Joey, Hirona, Natasha, Nick, Gina, Hannah, Skye, Kiera, Ronin, Theo, Gabriel, and Nathan are among her 15 grandkids who will miss her terribly. Mihoko (Tstomu), her niece in Japan, also recalls her. Mieko was a fun-loving adventure seeker whose zest for life inspired everyone who knew her. She was born and reared in Tokyo, the daughter of a banking father and a teacher mother. She immigrated to Canada in the 1960s and established a home with her rural veterinarian husband, Dr. Hikoroku “Joe” Hashimoto.

They eventually settled in Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan, where they brought up their kids. To show each of the kids her native Japan, she traveled there frequently. She never missed an opportunity to travel with her kids as they started exploring the world, taking them to locations like Aruba, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, Morocco, Thailand, Burma, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and numerous US states.

Mieko has a strong devotion to her Catholic faith in addition to her family and travel. She overcame several challenges while maintaining a strong faith in God. She approached God fearlessly and with a modest spirit.
Mieko’s family will remember her for the unbridled delight she experienced while enjoying the little things in life, like sushi, a hot bath, and a cold beer (or Caesar). She was also a talented craftsperson who crocheted, sewn, and made dolls and chigiri, a type of Japanese paper art.

We appreciate the kindness shown to Mieko by the medical professionals at the Almonte General, especially Dr. Fortune. For his compassionate care to Mieko and the family, Father Michael Hartge of Holy Name of Mary Parish deserves a special thank you. The family would appreciate donations to the Terry Fox Foundation. Fourth of June 2023, 12:08