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Michael Golden Obituary Charleston SC, Michael Golden Has died unexpectedly

Michael Golden Death, Obituary – (Gerald) Michael Golden was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 9, 1937. His parents, Sylvester and Josephine Golden, were his parents. Early in his career, he collaborated with his cousin Bill on a project to expand the St. Lawrence River Seaway. Together, they built a series of dams that allowed commercial traffic to pass through this strategically important river. He made the switch into a career in insurance sales alongside his father and brother Pat, working for local Detroit area agencies such as the Automobile Club of Michigan (AAA).

He was a sailor at heart and pursued the hobby his entire life. During his many years of involvement with the Detroit Yacht Club, he not only raced boats but also taught sailing to people of all ages, including youngsters. The American Sailing Institute began bestowing the Michael Golden Trophy to the “Experienced Racer of the Year” in 2009. This trophy has been in existence since 2009. Michael did so on an annual basis in recognition of outstanding success in the sport of competitive sailboat racing.

In addition to being an active sailor, he was also a passionate photographer who was interested in both conventional print photography and video. He outfitted the lower level of his home with a dark room so that he could process his own film. Many of his friends and family will never forget the many hours he spent turning his living room into a theater so that they could see home movies he had made of their sailing trips and other family experiences that he had recorded on 16mm film.

In his later years, he was involved with several men’s clubs, such as the Wisdom Council, and he also enjoyed tinkering about the house with various electronics and do-it-yourself projects. His brother John Patrick Golden, his niece Laura Shanley Bommarito, and other cousins with whom he maintained relationships throughout his life are among those who will carry on his legacy.

In the spring, there will be a party to celebrate the life of the deceased.