Mia Johnson Missing, Mandurah Missing Person Not Found Yet

Mia Johnson Missing – A complaint has been filed with us regarding a missing person who goes by the name of Mia Johnson. Mia Johnson is 14 years old and resides in the Hazelbrook neighborhood. The event was captured on video by surveillance cameras that were set up in the primary commercial sector of the city.

A person, perhaps a man, whose face can be seen in the 25th second of the recorded video is presently the focus of an investigation by the police, who are looking for more information about this individual. The face of this person can be seen in the recorded video.  Be cautioned that the content of the footage may not be suitable for viewers who are under the age of 18 and we ask that you please pass this information along.

We are making a request to anyone who may be able to recognize the person who took part in the tape to come forward and assist us in locating Mia by providing us with their information. We would be indebted to you in the highest degree for any information that you could provide.