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Melinda Wareham Obituary, Texas man arrested on manslaughter

Ayinde James Obituary, Death – Accident involving two vehicles that occurred late Wednesday morning just north of Holton in Texas claimed the life of a woman. In connection with the event, which is being examined as a probable case of involuntary manslaughter as well as driving under the influence, a man was taken into custody on Thursday and is currently being held in jail. Ayinde Jriel James, 44, of Fort Worth was reportedly being held in connection with reckless driving and unlawfully possessing a controlled substance, as stated by the Sheriff of Jackson County, Tim Morse. James is a native of the city of Fort Worth.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, Melinda J. Wareham, who was 74 years old and lived in Whiting, which is located in the northeastern part of Jackson County, passed away around 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday on the US-75 highway about two miles north of Holton as a result of an accident, which led to her death. The collision took place approximately three kilometers (two miles) to the north of Holton. According to the accident report that was filed by the highway patrol, Wareham was travelling south on US-75 when his vehicle collided with a car that was being driven north by James. James was behind the wheel of a car that was moving north on US-75.

The incident that led to the crash was described as occurring when James “began to pass numerous vehicles without sufficient clearance” from Wareham’s vehicle, as stated in the report. James was “traveling at excessive speeds” at the time the incident occurred. According to the parameters of this inquiry, US-75 is a divided highway with two lanes. According to Morse, a medical examiner at the scene of the collision ruled Wareham dead. Morse sent the information that James had been arrested by the highway patrol and was being held in the Holton facility of the Jackson County Jail. Both drivers were wearing seat belts at the time of the incident, as stated in the report of the accident, which states that both drivers were alone in their vehicles at the time of the impact. The accident report said that James had only sustained relatively minor injuries as a result of the collision.