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Michael Pickens Death, Obituary – On Thursday, a man from Philadelphia was given the penalty of life in prison for the savage slaying of a former coworker who had worked at Wendy’s in Bucks County. According to the authorities, Dominique Isaac Harris, age 31, was found guilty of first-degree murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime. Michael Pickens, then 54 years old, was leaving the Wendy’s in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, after completing his shift on March 30, 2022, when the incident took place.

Two months before to the event, Harris had been terminated from his position at Wendy’s as a result of an altercation he had with Pickens. As soon as Pickens left the restaurant, Harris followed him outside and then chased him into the parking lot of a nearby beverage store, where he stabbed Pickens many times. After the victim was stabbed, Harris allegedly ran away from the scene, but he returned eight minutes later and ran him over again with his automobile, according to the officials.

Harris put the victim’s body in his car and disposed of it a few miles away from the location after he ran the deceased over a second time. It took the police only one day after the crime to locate Harris and place him under arrest.
After his death, Pickens was subjected to an autopsy, which determined that he had sustained 46 stab wounds, with more than half of the wounds being on his neck and head.

During the prosecution of Harris, the jury viewed security video of the violent attack. The judge who was presiding over Harris’ case came to the conclusion that releasing him from state jail would put the community at risk of experiencing another homicide. Harris was given a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole by Judge Raymond Hughes. “What you did was ruthless, it was unnecessary, and it was criminal,” he told her. “What you did was criminal.”