Victoria Jones Obituary Calhoun, GA, Victoria Jones Has Passed Away

Mason Huser Obituary, Farmland, Indiana Mason Huser has passed away unexpectedly

Mason Huser Obituary, Death – has passed away unexpectedly leaving family, friends and loved ones in agony . Your prayers would be appreciated by Christy Huser, who is a great friend, as well as by her family and Chucky’s family. Mason Huser left this world this morning and joined the presence of Jesus, where he will spend eternity free from the effects of cancer. No parent should ever have to go through the pain of losing a child or children in their family. Christy is to me as a mother would be to a child; I simply cannot fathom living without her.

Because she is such an example to me, I will strive to model my behavior after her perseverance, generosity, strength, and bravery. As she attempts to go on with her life after the loss of her one and only child,  she needs the support and well wishes of everyone. I had the privilege of witnessing Mason’s development into the remarkable young man he is now, and I also witnessed the growth of his friendship with my older brother, Lucas Anton Muzzarelli, as they went through the same experiences together.

They were always together, even when they were quite young; they never had any time apart. Please take into consideration the innumerable people whose lives Mason changed.  Cancer is, without a doubt, an awful form of disease. Mason did not merit the circumstances in which he found himself. The knowledge that he is no longer in pain and has moved on to a life in Heaven that is far superior than anything that we could ever expect to experience on Earth may be able to provide us with some measure of solace and peace.

God, please wrap Mason up in the kind of love and tranquility that can only come from you. Everyone who is going through the anguish of losing him at this moment deserves to have him serve as an angel of protection for them.
Permit him to lead his family and friends and to remind them continually that he is at peace in Your Kingdom, wrapped closely in Your arms. Permit him to lead his family and friends. Permit him to lead.