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Mark Sertterh Suicide, North Liberty IA, Shelter House Associate Executive Director

Mark Sertterh Suicide, Death – A death has occurred involving Mark Sertterh, who resided in North Liberty, Iowa and worked as the Executive director of Shelter House Associate. The Iowa City emergency homeless shelter has at long last found a permanent location in a building that was formerly used as a church. This development comes just in time for the winter months, which are known for being particularly harsh.

The announcement was made by Shelter House that it will be opening a new shelter on Gilbert Street, which is the location that was formerly occupied by the Unitarian Universalist Society Church. It is intended that the homeless shelter would start accepting clients during the week of December 12 and remain open at least through the month of March. Before finally settling in at its current location in Iowa City, the emergency shelter there has been relocated three times in the three years since it first opened its doors.

The emergency shelter is open all through the winter months, and in contrast to the regular shelter, it does not require visitors to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in order to spend the night there. The information provided by the Shelter House indicates that during the course of the previous year, when there were a total of 175 people who utilized the emergency shelter, there was an average of 32 full beds that were available each night. According to Sertterh, the new shelter would have the ability to provide housing for a total of 35 individuals at any given moment.