Mark Horner missing, Texas Beloved School teacher Mark Horner not Found Yet

Mark Horner missing – It has been brought to the attention of the Longview Police Department that a man by the name of Mark Horner, who is 63 years old, has been reported missing. When it comes to finding Mark Horner, the department is looking for any and all help it can get from the general public. According to the information provided, Horner has brown hair, a gray beard, weighs 300 pounds, stands 6 feet tall, walks with the assistance of a cane, and is taller than the usual person.

In addition to that, we learn that he walks with the assistance of a cane. When he was last seen, he was dressed in a button-up shirt of an unidentified color, a tie, jeans, and spectacles. No one knows where he went. In addition, he was sporting a pair of eyeglasses on his face. When anyone saw Horner, it was early on Tuesday morning, April 18, when he was leaving his home on the south side of Longview.