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Maria Luisa Obituary, Maria Luisa Has Suddenly Passed Away

Maria Luisa Death, Obituary – *She asserts that her exe-boyfriend was the one who killed her and that he was the one who was stoned to death while she was attempting to take her own life this morning on the Freeway by crashing her pickup into a retaining wall. Maria Luisa Manriquez Anguiano, who had been missing since this morning about 7:00 a.m. in the Brisas neighbourhood, was found dead inside a residence in the Colonia Guanajuato neighbourhood on Calle Casablanca this afternoon.

She was wanted by her family, friends, and coworkers after she went missing in the Brisas neighbourhood. When her relatives couldn’t find her, they expressed their concern on social networks about her disappearance and asked for assistance in locating her. However, when they arrived at the residence indicated earlier at approximately 15:00 hours, they discovered that she had been murdered, and there were signs of brutality caused by a sharp weapon.

Even after killing her, he allegedly withdrew from the place with the intention of fleeing through the false door, impacting the retention wall that is located in the pedestrian bridge at the height of London College over Poniente Expressway, very close to Social Security Clinic 1. The same as due to the strong blow the front of this one caught fire and died, according to the information received on this portal, witnesses refer that the alleged responsible for her death is her former lover.

Maria Luisa was recognized by her family when they arrived at the house; she was 44 years old, and she was well-known in the community for competing in a number of beauty pageants. In 2022, she was crowned the National Queen of Tourism, and she also directed the modelling agency known as “Style,” which had more than 30 years of experience in the industry of fashion modelling.

This regrettable occurrence was under the supervision of the competent Authorities of the Prosecutor General’s Investigation Unit. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the deceased; may God give you comfort and strength at this difficult time.