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Margaret Elizabeth Death, Obituary –  It is with heavy hearts that we have to inform you that Margaret Elizabeth Hubbard, who once lived in Decatur, Alabama, died away on June 3, 2023. It is with deep regret that we have to convey this news to you. She had 81 years under her belt. We want her family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time together with her. On the memorial website that has been created in Margaret Elizabeth Hubbard’s name, we ask that you spare some time to share your condolences with her family by posting a message on the online guestbook.

This will be an appropriate farewell for the family to experience. Her parents, George Franklin Pettus and Berthie Robinson Pettus, as well as her husband, Charles Zondlo (James Crathen Hubbard), her children, Kevin Hubbard and Minnie Lee Hubbard, and her brother, Jesse Pettus, all passed away before she did. Her brother, Jesse Pettus, was the only member of her family who remained. She was the only member of her immediate family that had made it this far. Only Minnie Lee Hubbard’s daughter and son Kevin Hubbard were able to outlive their mother after she passed away; the rest of her family members were killed.

Her three sons, James F. Hubbard, David C. Hubbard, and Ronald Hubbard, are the only surviving members of her family at this time. James F. Hubbard, David C. Hubbard, and Ronald Hubbard. In addition to leaving behind her children and grandkids, she also leaves behind her extended family, all of whom are active members of the church. We are writing this letter to offer our most sincere sympathies to you and your family on the passing of Margaret Elizabeth Hubbard, who was 81 years old when she died away.

Sending flowers or leaving messages of condolence on her memorial page are both appropriate ways to show respect for her. You may also add photographs and videos to this website in order to share memories of her with other people and bring back warm sentiments in yourself.