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Madeline Kingsbury Missing, Winona Missing Woman Not found Yet

Winona Missing Woman –  Madeline Kingsbury, a resident of Winona who has been missing for one month, will soon reach the one-month mark of the search for her. Property owners in Winona and Filmore Counties are being asked to comply with some new requirements coming from the Winona Police Department and the Winona Emergency Manager. Investigators have sent out requests to property owners in these counties, asking them to report any old wells that date back to before 1925, as well as any historic homesteads, windmills, or windmill bases.

In addition, investigators are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying any sinkholes that can be reached by automobile. The authorities have stated that this information is not there in the records, which may result in additional searches. In addition, law enforcement agencies are working together with Kingsbury’s family to make a request to all property owners in these counties.

If you consent to having your property searched, please post a blue check mark in an immediately visible spot on your land. The only thing that the volunteers will watch for is Kingsbury, as well as any indications of a disturbance or anything that is out of the ordinary. They are not going to go inside any of the residences or other structures that are on the property.

When the search of the property is complete, the volunteers will tie a blue ribbon around a post or mailbox to indicate to those who were present that the land has been examined. Put a blue ribbon around the front door to indicate that you have searched your own property and to let others know.

If you are going to search, the authorities are requesting once more that you put safety as your main priority.