Mariah Abraham Car Accident, Colorado Mariah Abraham Died In A Crash

Lil Duval Accident, Lil Duval Involved In A Nasty Car Accident Hospitalised

Lil Duval Accident –  A representative for Lil Duval has stated the following to TMZ: “Lil Duval was riding a four-wheeler when he was involved in a vehicle accident in which a motor vehicle ran into him.” This accident resulted in several injuries, the most serious of which was a shattered hip. He is in a stable state and is currently being airlifted from Nassau to Jacksonville, Florida, in order to be treated in a local hospital that has the resources and equipment available to conduct the suggested surgical operations for recovery.

“He is in a stable condition and is currently being airlifted again from Nassau to Jacksonville, Florida.” Comedian Lil Duval was not in the mood for jokes on Tuesday night after he was involved in a car accident in the Bahamas and required medical evacuation to a nearby hospital. Duval, who is a regular on MTV’s ‘Guy Code’ and VH1’s ‘Hip Hop Squares,’ posted a video to Instagram in which he shows himself dressed in bandages and strapped to a gurney as he is brought out of an ambulance onto an airstrip.

In the video, Duval also mentions that he has been hospitalized. Before LD was transferred to a more transportable smaller plane, medical staff attended to his needs. At the very end of the video, LD is seen dozing off on the stretcher as they fly over the Bahamas at night. LD posted a quick update to his 3.8 million Instagram followers a few hours ago, informing them that he had been struck by a car when he was riding his four-wheeler.

“Unfortunately, my leg is broken, and I will have to have surgery in Nassau,” the patient said. Duval is also a rapper and has collaborated with other notable artists such as Snoop Dogg and T.I.