Laura Chapek Obituary, Air Defense Artillery Officer Laura Chapek Has Reportedly Passed Away

Laura Chapek Death, Obituary – We are sorry to inform you that Cpt. Laura Chapek departed this world on April 23, 2023. Her passing has left us with a heavy heart. She had been a member of our organization for a pretty considerable stretch of time at that point. The tragic news of her departure has filled our hearts with an overpowering sense of grief. During the twenty months that she served in the military, she was the commander of the air defense artillery before being promoted to the position of battalion executive officer.

This promotion came about as a result of her superior performance. throughout that time period, she had been serving in her previous position as the commander of Bravo Company throughout the same time period. They are continuing to discuss the matter with higher-ups in the chain of command, and they will continue to ask for our help in addition to the assistance of the rest of our squad and assistance for her family. In addition, they will continue to ask for assistance for the situation.

Brennan Goltry, who served as the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the 1st Battalion of the 34th Infantry unit, expressed his grief at the news that fellow soldier Laura would no longer be serving with the unit in the capacity that she had previously held. Brennan Goltry was the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the 1st Battalion of the 34th Infantry unit. Since Laura’s day-to-day contributions to our home were of such enormous benefit to both us and our children, we are extremely grateful for each and every one of those contributions.

Because she made such an incredible impact on the team, each and every one of us in this group will feel a profound loss as a result of her departure, and we are all going to miss her terribly. As we work our way through this challenging circumstance, we are making it a point to keep one another in our thoughts and prayers at all times, but especially now when things are so challenging.