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Kyron Goode Obituary, 18-year-old Waukegan man died of gunshot wound

A man who was a resident of Waukegan, Illinois, was found dead on Thursday afternoon in front of an apartment building in his hometown in his hometown of Waukegan, Illinois. He was 18 years old. According to the results of the autopsy, the victim had sustained a gunshot wound to the chest, which was the cause of death that ultimately led to his or her passing. This conclusion was reached based on the circumstances surrounding the victim’s passing. At this point, the authorities are confident that they are in possession of the victim’s name and may go forward with the investigation accordingly.

Kyron Goode was discovered by police from the Waukegan Police Department and paramedics on Thursday afternoon at approximately 2:33 p.m. outside the Barwell Manor Apartments, which are located in the Waukegan neighborhood on the 500 block of South Genessee Street. Both parties had information on a shooting that was rumored to have taken place around the same time as the incident that was being investigation.After the autopsy was completed by the Lake County Coroner’s Office, it was discovered that the gunshot wound was ultimately what led to Goode’s passing away.

This was discovered after it was determined that the gunshot wound was the cause of death. This information came to light after it was established that the fatal gunshot wound was the root cause of the victim’s passing. This judgment on the cause of death was arrived at as a direct result of the findings that were obtained from the autopsy. This was the conclusion that was reached after the autopsy based on the findings that were found, and it was based on the findings that were found.

It did not take long after Goode arrived at the facility for it to be determined that he was no longer living, and it did not take even more time for it to be determined that he had passed away. Goode was transported to the Vista care Center East in Waukegan by staff members of the emergency medical services. However, not too much time after Goode arrived at the hospital, it was determined that he was no longer living. He had passed away. The city of Waukegan, which is found in the state of Illinois, is home to the business in question. The Waukegan Police Department has not yet arrived at a decision about the shooting event that is currently being examined by the department.