Kevin King Obituary Clarenville Newfoundland and Labrador, resident has died

Kevin King Death, Obituary – The family of Kevin Stanley King wishes to convey their deepest condolences as they share the news that they were forced to say their final goodbyes to their devoted husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, and neighbor. On May 17, 2023, Kevin passed away following a brief fight with cancer. He was surrounded by members of his family and friends at the time of his passing. He drew his final breath while gazing into the eyes of Fiona (Land) King, the woman who had been his devoted wife for the past 21 years.

Everyone who has been affected by this tragedy is heartbroken, including the Kings, the Lands, and Adrice Grenon, Kevin’s mother-in-law. Kevin is survived by his children Darren, Karen, Bella, and Adam, and his children Summer and Fiona will always remember him with a great deal of fondness. In the year 2021, his daughter Karley was taken from this world unexpectedly.

Kevin King was born 65 years ago to the late Ken and Nancy King. He is survived by his siblings and their families, including his twin sister Kathy & Rick Henry, Jamie & Bonnie King (Melissa, Matthew & Marcie), Ken & Rose King (Trevor & Catherine), Jamie & Bonnie King (Melissa, Matthew & Marcie), and Kris & Joanne King (Tara, Rachel, and Adam). In addition, he is survived by Fiona’s family, which includes Shawn and Jocelyn Land and their children Nadia and Tanya, Colin and Joan Land and their children Megan and Jacob and Emma, and Lloyd and Jen Land and their children Jaime and Junior and Jackson.

Kevin dedicated his life to his friends and family and would go to any length to assist them. He did not place any conditions on his affection for them. He enjoyed lighting up massive bonfires, watching fireworks, and relaxing with a refreshing Margarita or Caesar.

He never failed to go the additional mile to ensure that his children had an enjoyable and memorable experience, doing things such as bringing out the popcorn maker, cotton candy machine, slushy machine, or hotdog maker. He looked forward to spending his vacations with Fiona and the children.

He wished for kids to have as many life experiences as they possibly could. We will never get over the fact that he won’t be able to watch his children, nieces, and nephews mature, find love, and start families of their own.