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Karisa Cruz Obituary, Karisa Cruz Has Reportedly Passed Away

Karisa Cruz Death, Obituary – I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been offended or injured as a result of this message. There are a great number of you, but there is only one of me. It is not possible for me to call each and every one of you, despite how much I would like to do so.

On Sunday at 7:55pm Karisa Cruz gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Geneva Hope Cruz weighed up at 6 pounds and 11 ounces and measured 19 3/4 inches in length. Karisa’s joy knew no bounds as she held her sixth child and third daughter for the first time.

Around 10 o’clock that night, I checked on the other children who were staying at home and then I left the hospital. Karisa instructed me to make sure the children were dropped off at school the following day and to return to the hospital later on Monday morning.

I received a call from the hospital early on Monday morning, and they instructed me to report there as soon as I could. When I arrived, there was a catastrophic medical situation that lasted until almost midday.

Karisa suffered multiple cardiac arrests, and despite their best efforts, the medical team in the operating room were unable to bring her back to life. The specifics of what happened are still unclear to me, but I was informed this by members of the hospital staff who were present during the procedure.

Karisa died 6/5/2023. Geneva continues to enjoy good health and robust strength. I am attempting to piece together all of this information, and when I gather more details on a memorial, I will share them with you when I have them.

Karisa cherished her family, and she was especially devoted to her offspring. I am doing everything in my power to honor her by prioritizing her children. It is not because I do not love and appreciate you because I will not respond to you if you contact me.

In order to better facilitate communication, I will be working on developing an alternative point of contact. I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. It has come to our attention that on June 23rd, Brother Antonio Cruz’s wife, Karisa, passed suddenly under mysterious circumstances.

Karisa has left behind six amazing children and a family that will miss her dearly. Antonio has been a member of UA Local 32 for a significant amount of time and is a powerful influence in the labor movement.

After volunteering numerous hours to assisting other plumbers, it is finally our turn to offer our assistance to him.