John Tanksley Death Akron Ohio, Football Coach John Tanksley has died

John Tanksley Death, Obituary – Parents, students, and families, we greet you with a heavy heart as we continue to cope with the unexpected death of a beloved leader within our Spartan community, head football coach John Tanksley. He passed away earlier today. We are all shocked by his departure, and we want the entire community of Springfield to join us in expressing our sincerest condolences to the Tanksley family and to the young people who looked up to him as a coach and a role model. We are all grieved by his passing.

The level of care and concern that Coach Tanksley showed for both his players and his students was unparalleled. We shall always strive to live up to the example of his undying fidelity and unwavering support, which sets a very high bar. Tomorrow, June 12, 2023, at four o’clock in the afternoon, our football team is scheduled to report to practice. We will make it possible for anyone who would like to speak with a counselor to do so in the cafeteria by making counselors available there.

As soon as the details of the memorial services have been worked out, we will make it a priority to communicate them to everyone. Sincerely, Kevin Vaughn is the Director of Athletics here.