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Joe Asermily Obituary Rochester NY, University of medicine student has died

Joe Asermily Death, Obituary – At this particular moment, my entire being is a jumbled up mess in every respect. In the evening yesterday, we said our final goodbyes to a beautiful and lovely friend who was also a wonderful friend.
Joseph Asermily, I had the pleasure of meeting you for the first time at the graduation party that I hosted for both my husband and your brother forty years ago.

The party was a celebration of both of their accomplishments. You used to bombard me with a lot of questions when you were a young teenager regarding nurses who work in operating rooms. You eventually became one of my coworkers, and you continued in that function right up until the time that I reached the age at which I could retire three years ago. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to work together.

You are held in extremely high esteem by a vast number of people who are a part of our extended professional family, and all of us will miss having you around very much when you leave us. I will be thinking about and praying for Lynn, your sons, and every other member of your family as part of my prayers.