Jessica Jones Death Saunders Austin Texas, Jessica Jones has died

Jessica Jones Death, Obituary –  Jessica was born and raised in the Chelsea neighborhood, where she also attended school. She looked forward to participating in athletics and agriculture along with many other school activities. Jessica intended to get married and start a family after she graduated. Jessica worked hard and was also a good worker. She would eventually enroll at Rogers State University to start her medical education at some time.

She was able to get her medical assistant license as a result. For the next few years, she would continue to work as an assistant while also holding down a variety of other part-time jobs. Prior to working at Chelsea Schools, she held roles at First Community Options, the Hard Rock Casino, and the school cafeteria. She has previously worked at other places. Jessica and Preston Jones, her high school closest friend, would get married on July 21, 2020.

Together, they had a lot of fantastic experiences. In her spare time, she also loved riding motorcycles, sewing, gardening, hunting, and fishing. Her other interests were sewing, gardening, arts & crafts, and cooking. Despite this, she discovered that her family and children were the ones who gave her the greatest happiness and fulfillment. She had spent her entire life working at establishments like Mr. T’s and Shooter’s, and she was a diligent worker.

She enjoyed having “sad girl time,” drinking Rumple Minze, going to live comedy shows, getting tattoos, attending concerts, exposing Tren to new things in life, and having a good time with her friends. She enjoyed NFL games as well. She detested uninteresting obituaries and didn’t apologize for her life’s choices. Her first tattoo was inscribed with the words “No Fear, No Doubt!” She cherished life and joy. She often said, “We might as well have a good time since we won’t be here for very long.”