Jay Varney Motorcycle Accident, Jay Varney of Utah Killed In A Crash

Jay Varney Obituary, Death – Tonight, I read on Facebook that a motorcycle had crashed between 4500 South and State Street. Ironically, I observed the automobile that struck the motorcyclist while I was traveling along State Street. And I wondered, “Oh my God?”
Although we don’t yet have access to the complete accident report, the car appeared to have been shattered about halfway through the engine compartment because it was moving so quickly. I drove a little further and saw the bike it was destroyed!! Then I just got a call me giving me the worst news!!That a very good man, friend of many years Passed away In that horrific crash that I saw.

I love you, bro. Godspeed to that handsome man! I arrived to the accident while riding home. My stomach was giving me the worst feeling. Since I was sure it was someone we recognized, I stopped my bike, got off, and began taking pictures. I emailed these to Baloo to see if he could help me identify the bike, and he did. Then a news camera appeared. I realized it wasn’t excellent at that time. I said goodbye to him and Elizabeth in the bar an hour earlier and closed them out. I gave him a hug when we met yesterday at Barbary! He and I hadn’t spoken in a while. I had no idea that was a hug good-bye! This news has upset me so much!

It was Jay who was involved in that accident, I learned last night. Such a tragic loss for his family and our motorcycle community. Sad day today.  Craig Baird Thank you for Posting We will miss Jay, a longtime friend and customer of White Knuckle Motorcycle Repair & Accessories. His family is in our thoughts and prayers. Although I only recently saw him that day, I didn’t know him well. How sad, huh? You simply become more aware of how quickly life can go. My condolences for your loss. I send my sympathies to his family and friends.
Just met him and gave him a hug that will last forever on Friday night. He was quite content. Shit this sucks cagers need