Janiyah Thompson Missing, 18 Year Old Las Seen At Subway Station

Janiyah Thompson Missing – Janiyah Thompson, age 18, has been missing for more than a month, and her family in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is doing everything they can to find her. The Naylor Road Metro Station was the last place that Thompson was spotted. She had communicated with her older brother that she was leaving to attend to things, but she has not been seen or heard from since then.

According to Thompson’s family, who spoke to News4, the fact that she has not contacted them in such an unusual manner has caused them concern that something terrible may have occurred. “We haven’t heard a word or haven’t heard anything,” said Thompson’s father, Clinton Hubbard. “We haven’t heard anything.” “It is without a doubt heartbreaking.”

Hubbard claims that his daughter is currently a junior at Eastern Senior High School where she participates in the ROTC program. Her family is anxious as well due to the fact that she requires medication. “All we want is for her to return home. “I love her, her mother loves her, her brothers and sisters love her, and so do her aunts and uncles,” added Hubbard. “Everyone in her family loves her.” “No one could care less about anyone else. You have everyone’s love. Simply put, we want you to return back home.

Hubbard reported that the family had filed a missing persons report with the Prince George’s County Police Department, but officers informed them that they are limited in what they can do to help because Thompson is considered to be an adult. “That in and of itself is a traumatic experience. It is almost as though they don’t care,” was what he had to say about it. News4 has attempted to contact the police department for comment and to obtain an update on the search operations; but, we have not yet received a response to these inquiries.