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James Stokes Jr. Obituary, James Stokes Jr. Has Passed Away

James Stokes Jr. Death, Obituary –  A loved one who had been reported missing in Milwaukee was found dead inside a wrecked vehicle at the city’s tow lot on Monday. The family is distraught at the discovery. On Thursday, June 1, a crash occurred near North 91st Street and West Fond Du Lac Avenue. According to the family, 17-year-old James Stokes Jr. was inside a car that had been stolen before it crashed.

The driver of a fast Kia SUV was seen on surveillance footage crashing into a tree just beyond the frame of the film after losing control of the vehicle. The Milwaukee Police Department requested medical assistance for a boy of that age who was hurt and was a passenger in the vehicle. After that, they placed him under arrest, although it appears that they were unaware that there was another passenger in the vehicle.

Kina King, Stokes’ mother, stated that she began seeking for her son after learning from acquaintances that her son had been involved in the crash and being unable to reach him herself. The day that they told me is the day that I went on 91st and Fond Du Lac, and I start searching myself,” King said.

The day that they told me is the day that I went on 91st and Fond Du Lac.”
The fact that he didn’t call was strange and uncomfortable for both of us. He did not return to the house. That’s not like him,” his sister Jamie Stokes remarked.

King stated that she contacted the District 7 police on Friday to report her husband’s absence. They just laughed at me and said, ‘Oh, it’s not long enough. King stated that “He is going to come back.” After a delay of four days, Stokes’ family reported that they approached the authorities once more and requested that the vehicle be examined.

On Monday morning, someone made the discovery that a dead corpse of a 17-year-old boy was within the trunk of that automobile. Although the Milwaukee police have confirmed that they took a report on Stokes as a missing person, they have refused to give any other information.

He was my primary defender at all times. “Always the first person I would call,” his sister Danielle Carey said. “Always a pleasure to talk to.” Jamie Stokes continued by saying, “I need answers, and there aren’t a whole lot of people out here who can give me the right answers.”

There is in fact a predetermined procedure that the police department follows when dealing with towed vehicles. According to the standard operating procedure, “for the safety of members, towed vehicles shall be thoroughly searched.” This requirement is in place to ensure that everyone stays safe.

The next paragraph of the regulation states that “This search shall encompass the entire vehicle accessible by key, including the passenger compartment, glove box, and trunk.” The open records request that 12 News has submitted requests any and all official videos and photographs that were recorded during the investigation.