Jae’Lyn Wells Obituary,13-year-old drowned at Camden Lake and died

Jae’Lyn Wells Obituary, Death – According to the findings of the inquiry that was conducted by the coroner’s office in Kershaw County, a young boy who was 13 years old had passed suddenly unexpectedly on Saturday afternoon as a result of drowning in Kendall Lake. The cause of death was determined to be drowning. An unintentional drowning was determined to be the cause of death in this case. The body of Jae’Lyn Wells, who was just 13 years old when she passed away, was found floating face down in the lake, according to David West, the coroner for Kershaw County, who stated that he made the discovery and said that he was the one who made the find. Jae’Lyn Wells had been located by David West.

Jae’Lyn Wells was just 13 years old when she passed away; she had just turned 14 the year before. It wasn’t until early on Sunday morning that the medical staff at Prisma Health Richland came to the conclusion that Wells had died away. When they heard the news, they were taken aback. Middle school education was gained by Camden High School football player Jae’Lyn, who later went on to play for Camden Middle School and Camden High School. Jae’Lyn attended Camden Middle School.

The following academic year, Jae’Lyn hoped to enroll in Camden High School in order to further her education. Jae’Lyn had every intention of carrying on with her education at Camden High School once she had completed the junior year at Camden Middle School. Wells was reportedly swimming in the lake with his friends when all of a sudden he disappeared beneath for a significant amount of time. This information was provided by the authorities. The authorities volunteered this information to be shared with us.

According to the officials who were in charge of the inquiry, it was the dive team from the Kershaw County Rescue Squad that was responsible for rescuing him from the lake. These officials were in charge of the investigation. When Wells’ condition deteriorated to the point that she needed immediate medical attention, she was transferred by helicopter from MUSC Kershaw Health to Prisma Health Richland.