Hugh Davies Obituary, Hugh Davies Funeral Notice

Hugh Davies Obituary, Death – I’d like to extend to you a formal invitation to share your thoughts in the form of a statement. Hugh Jeffrey Davies is going to be filling the position of our visitor for the day and joining us here today. Neyland Hugh Jeffrey Davies, who passed away on June 9, 2023 at the age of 85 and was a resident of The Meadows Nursing Home in Johnston, North Carolina, passed away in a calm and tranquil manner there. He had been a resident at that facility for the previous year. When he lived in Neyland, his home was located on Lawrenny Street in the neighborhood of Lawrenny.

Mr. Davies was born and raised in Neyland, and he has spent the entirety of his life in the community and the surrounding area. He was under the notion that the neighborhood of Neyland would be his home for the rest of his life and that he would never have to move again. Hugh was a devoted husband to Dorothy, a devoted father to Julie and Chris (both of whom predeceased him), and a devoted grandfather to Lydia. All three of his committed roles were in the care of his grandchildren.

All three of his responsibilities, which he took very seriously, were looking after his grandchildren. His grandchildren, together with all three of his own children, displayed unshakable affection to their grandfather. Dorothy was a loving wife who shared the same marital status as this man. Both of them were married. His family and friends had an enormous amount of love for him, and he will be sorely missed by everyone who had the privilege of being able to call him a friend during his lifetime.

Along with him, his family and friends had an incredible amount of love and admiration for him. His immediate circle of friends and family members felt an overwhelming level of affection and awe for him. The people in his personal social circle, including his friends and family, felt an incredible amount of admiration and affection for him.
After the funeral service, which will be held at St. Clements Church in Neyland at 2:00 p.m. on the same day, the cremation will take place at Parc Gwyn Crematorium in Narberth at 3:15 p.m. on Friday, June 23, 2023. the date and time of the service have not yet been determined. There has been no decision made regarding the timing or date of the memorial service. Each of the get-togethers will have the same amount of time throughout the day to spend together, which will be equal.