Houston Shooting Last Night, Several Shots Fired in SW Houston nightclub

Houston Shooting Last Night: Police said that seven individuals were injured after gunfire broke out during a dispute at a nightclub in the southwest Houston area. An investigation is currently underway as a result of this incident. At approximately 2:11 a.m. on Sunday, according to the investigators, a gunshot took place at a business known as Tabu Restaurant and Lounge, which was located on Richmond Avenue at Fountainview.

According to the Chief of the Houston Police Department, Troy Finner, shots were fired into a crowd after what is believed to have been some sort of altercation or fight that started inside the nightclub and made its way into the parking lot. According to the police, six individuals in their 20s and early 30s were shot and taken to multiple hospitals for treatment. According to the authorities, one of the male victims is currently in critical condition after undergoing surgery.

In the initial police reports, it was stated that a seventh person had been stabbed; however, in a subsequent report, it was stated that the victim had been hurt as a result of broken glass caused by the gunfire. According to information received by ABC13, one of the victims ran across the street to McDonald’s in search of assistance, and another went to the corner of the parking lot next door.

According to Finner, off-duty deputies who were performing other jobs at the nightclub at the time of the shooting will be interviewed as part of the inquiry into the shooting. The police have stated that they are unsure of the number of shooters that were involved, and while no arrests have been made, they are currently studying security video in search of any clues. Earlier, in February, the Houston Police Department was called to the same place for a gunshot that resulted in a woman being struck in the mouth by a stray bullet. It is unknown whether Tabu is run by the same management as Parma Pizza, which occupied the property during the time in question.