Giovanni Giotta Obituary, Death, Giovanni Giotta Has Passed Away

Giovanni Giotta Obituary, Death, Giovanni Giotta Has Passed Away, Giovanni Giotta Has Passed Away

Giovanni Giotta Obituary, Death – The Patriarch of the Giotta Family was called Home by Our Lord last Saturday. He was known as “The Espresso Pioneer of the West Coast” as founder of the Internationally known “Caffe Trieste” in San Francisco’s North Beach in 1956. Papa Gianni opened the Caffe just over 60 years ago; it has been well chronicled for its unique blend Old World family atmosphere (the entire family worked there for decades), artistry (the Giotta Family members’ collective singing and instrumental careers started in the U.S. with a 1953 radio appearance) and quality coffee, the result of the family’s unique roasting and blending techniques.
Papa Gianni was born in Rovigno D’Istria, Italy, in the Northeastern sector that would become part of the newly formed Yugoslavia after WW II.

Papa Gianni and wife Ida, son Gianfranco and daughter Sonia left their native land as refugees, moving to nearby Monfalcone, Italy in 1947, immigrating to the U.S. in 1951. On a handshake, fellow Italian immigrant Palladini loaned Gianni $7,000 for his purchase of Il Piccolo Caffe at 601 Vallejo Street, which wife Ida promptly renamed “Caffe Trieste”.

In 1971, singers Papa and son Gianfranco (1944-1999) found a way to combine their musical work with the Caffe, establishing the Longest Running Musical Show in the City of San Francisco-the Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert. Mamma Ida (vocals) and son Fabio (vocals and accordion) joined the effort almost immediately, with daughter Sonia joining what had become an organized musical troop in the 1980’s. Papa continued to perform in the Concert and elsewhere until recently.
Papa Gianni realized many of his dreams; two of the most notable were recording a live LP of the Concert and producing a video of the Caffe and Concert as well. Additional video and audio pieces were later released under the Trieste Records label. Papa also helped develop the company in to a small chain in the 2000’s.