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George “Rod” Tredway Obituary, George “Rod” Tredway Has Sadly Passed Away

George “Rod” Tredway Death, Obituary – An obituary for George “Rod” Tredway, who passed away not too long ago, can be seen on this page. George “Rod” Tredway, who had been a resident of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was found to have gone away due to natural causes on May 22, 2023, at the age of 71, when he was a patient at the Jennie Stuart Medical Center. It was determined that cardiac arrest was the cause of death. The cremation of the body will be followed by a memorial service that will be held at a later date by the family.

Both of these gatherings will go on as scheduled. The family has reached a consensus on moving forward in this manner. The arrangements for the funeral of the family member have been given to the care of Maddux Fuqua Hinton Funeral Home, and the family is putting their trust in the care that they will receive from the funeral home.
On January 17, 1952, in the city of Bedford, Indiana, Mr. Tredway made his very first appearance in front of an audience anywhere in the world.

His father, Mary Antonnette Canzoneri Tredway, and his mother, the late Dr. Gilbert Riley “G.R.” Tredway, are known as his paternal grandparents due to the fact that they were, respectively, his father and mother. Rod was a man who, in the past, was enlisted in the United States Army; however, he has since chosen to separate himself from service in that branch of the armed forces.

Patricia Tredway, his sister, had already passed away prior to him, thus she was unable to be present to bid him farewell in his final moments. Both of his parents were already dead from earlier diseases before he was born; they had both passed away before he was born. His sons Jesse Tredway (Katrina) and Jordan Tredway, together with his three grandchildren, are among the members of his family who have survived his passing.

He was a veteran of the United States Navy. At the present time, both Jesse and Jordan make their home in Clarkson, which is located in the state of Kentucky.