George Leon Braswel Obituary, of Stilwell, Oklahoma George Leon Braswel Has Died

George Leon Braswel Death, Obituary – On September 12, 1946, George Leon Braswell was born in Stilwell, Oklahoma. He passed away on June 4, 2023, in the city of Claremore, Oklahoma. He was a devoted parent to his three children, John Braswell, George Braswell, and Christine Cavins, and he was also a doting husband to his wife, Karen Braswell, who was also the mother of his children. His children were named John Braswell, George Braswell, and Christine Cavins.

During the course of his outstanding career in the armed forces of the United States of America, George served in the United States Air Force and rose through the ranks to become a Chief Master Sergeant. He held a number of different leadership positions, but his primary area of expertise was in communications, and he worked in a variety of capacities related to that field. He was a pioneer in the creation of modern technology as well as electronic communication.

He is known as a “forerunner.” In the early days of the development of fibre optics technology, George’s knowledge and experience were invaluable contributors. This, in turn, aided in the shift of government communication to digital worldwide satellite and computer capabilities, which are present-day realities. George was honoured with a number of prestigious honours as a result of the determined dedication that he displayed toward the service of his country. In addition to this, he has been awarded a total of fourteen service medals, including seven good conduct awards for exemplary service to the United States of America.

His titles include Master Communicator, Master Instructor, and Master Missile Man. In addition to that, he was an expert with both automatic firearms and handguns. He was a master shot. After he completed his active duty in the military, he worked largely in the fishing industry while continuing to pursue the rest of his hobbies and activities simultaneously. A multi-talented individual who performs as a musician, recording artist, author, motivational speaker, chaplain, counsellor, and fishing consultant. It has been 56 wonderful years since he tied the wedding with the lady he would spend the rest of his life with, Karen Haley, and this year will mark the occasion for the happy pair.

Throughout his life, George was the kind of person that others could look up to as a guide and learn from by seeing the example he set, and those who cared about him remember him for those qualities. He was able to achieve success not only in his work life but also in the many fishing-related activities he participated in as a hobby since fishing was his passion. He was also able to do this because fishing was his hobby. He got to know the competitive side of himself through these activities, which included professional fishing competition trials.

Later on in life, he was offered the opportunity to work in the industry of his choice as a sector Promotions and public relations representative for Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. This sector allowed him to combine his interests in fishing and public relations. This brought him one step closer to realizing his lifetime desire. George will be remembered as a man who placed a big focus on the significance of family and formed strong relationships that were founded on love and care for all those who were in his immediate area.

This will be the legacy that he leaves behind for those who come after him. Long after he is gone, his family and friends, whose lives he changed throughout the years, will carry on his legacy and keep his memories alive. They will do this even if he is no longer among them. He will be greatly missed by everyone. On the evening of Wednesday, June 7, 2023, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, those wishing to pay their respects to George Leon Braswell may do so at Shipman’s Funeral & Cremation Service. The funeral services for George Leon Braswell will include this event as one of the components.

The following individuals have been selected to serve as casket bearers: John Braswell, George Braswell, Joe Braswell, Joseph Braswell, Christian Cavins, and Steve Haley. On Thursday, June 8th, 2023, at ten o’clock in the morning, the funeral ceremony will be performed at Blue Springs Church. After that, at 2:30 in the afternoon, there will be funeral services held in the Fort Gibson National Cemetery. George Braswell’s wife, Karen, is the one who will go on after him.

In addition, their sons, John Braswell and wife Deana of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and George Braswell and wife Ariel of Edmond, Oklahoma, as well as their daughter, Christine Cavins and husband Christian of McKinney, Texas, as well as their six grandchildren, Joseph Braswell, Nora Braswell, Finn Braswell, Kennedy Braswell, Carter Cavins, and Callen Cavins, as well as their brother, David Braswell, are still living.

Joe Braswell and his mother, Anna Christine (Ritchie) Braswell, as well as his stepmother, Ruth Braswell, and his brothers, Paul and Phillip Braswell, all passed away before he did. His stepmother was also named Ruth Braswell. His brothers were named Paul and Phillip Braswell.