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Francis Collins Obituary, Francis Collins Has Sadly Died At Age 36

Francis Collins Death, Obituary – An inquest has determined that a married couple who were found dead along with their pet dogs had committed suicide together in a premeditated act. A member of the Collins family became worried about the well-being of Cassie Collins, age 35, and her brother, Francis Collins, age 36, and found them after becoming aware of the difficulties they were experiencing in their lives.

Before Francis was sentenced to prison for his involvement in a civil battle over the ownership of a parcel of land that led to his firing homemade firebombs onto the drive of a neighbor, the couple had lived in west Wales. After then, in the later part of the year 2020, the couple moved to Devon. An inquest into their deaths was heard at Exeter’s Coroners Court. It was reported that they had a very strong relationship and that they were “really good together and joined at the hip.”

The bodies of the two people were discovered on September 11 at the residence that they shared on Station Road in Cullompton. During the time leading up to the disaster, the couple had carried out a number of acts that had been pre-planned. These included the creation of a joint will, the mailing of letters and emails, and the putting to sleep of two of their dogs.

A fresh police investigation had been opened against Francis, and as a result, the couple was reported to have been concerned that they might lose everything as a result of the probe. This information was relayed to the coroner.

Cassie, who was born in Exeter, was rumored to have suffered for a significant amount of time while living with chronic pain as a result of knee and shoulder ailments that rendered her unable to work and forced her to spend much of her time in bed. She was stated to be under the care of a pain management team, and she told her physiotherapist that she felt “trapped in a cage”

She was referred to the NHS service Talkworks, and in August of 2021, she reported that she did not have any suicidal plans, therefore she was discharged from the facility. It was stated that she enjoyed hobbies such as knitting and crocheting, as well as spending time with her dogs and her nephews.

It is stated that Francis, who was born in Hereford, was diagnosed with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) while he was living in the United States. It is also said that Francis had a lengthy history of despair and anxiety, and that he had attempted suicide in the past.

Talkworks conducted an evaluation on him in May 2021 and determined that he suffered from severe psychotic depression with daily suicide thoughts. As a result of this evaluation, he was quickly referred to the NHS mental health team.

He related the story of how his father had committed suicide when he was 10 years old. It was observed that he was suffering from continuous back discomfort, as well as being under a great deal of financial stress and having concerns regarding the ongoing police inquiry.

Francis was placed in the care of the community mental health team, and they were in the process of determining whether or not he suffers from ADHD.